mary slone | february 8-14, 2015 {and then we snapped}

february 8-14, 2015 {and then we snapped}

February 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
This week held some of my favorite moments of 2015 so far. It was a wonderful week with my family, just enjoying one another. I am dealing with some back injuries, so shooting was difficult at times, but I pushed through and I'm so glad I did. Here's what I have to show for it. 
Sunday, 2.8.2015 | 167/365 "helping" daddy build your big girl bed.
Monday, 2.9.2015 | 168/365 your first time painting
Tuesday, 2.10.2015 | 169/365 doctoring up your barbies
Wednesday, 2.11.2015 | 170/365 every day you wait for ava to leave for school, then go looting in her bedroom
Thursday, 2.12.2015 | 171/365 waiting for the bus to bring your ava and bubby home
Friday, 2.13.2015 | 172/365 golden hour bubbles. could i be any luckier?
Saturday, 2.14.2015 | 173/365 your first piece of "real" adult jewelry. brandon asked you to be his valentine. 
This week I'm linked up to the dazzling Indira of Indira Klotzer Photography. This lady is so, so sweet - an angel here on earth - and her work is absolutely stunning. Be sure to go by and take a look, then continue on around the circle to see what my favorite girls were up to this week! 



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