mary slone | february 1-7, 2015 {and then we snapped}

february 1-7, 2015 {and then we snapped}

February 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
well, somehow i've managed to get my image numbering way way off. i was a week ahead last week, so therefore this week's images will be numbered exactly the same... no idea how that happened, please bear with me as i pull myself together... 

snuck in a few more flower shots before they died off. 160/365

you waited patiently by the gate for bubby to get home from school. 161/365

you are still enamored with your new boots. 162/365

 waiting for Pawpaw, the neighborhood "grandpa" 163/365

i missed a day of shooting, and i never shared this image here. #substitute 164/365

that wispy hair. 165/365

you are in a phase lately- you insist on wearing your big brother's clothes. 166/365

thanks for looking! i'm linked up to the lovely and oh-so talented Jana of Photography 2204 this week! Be sure to stop by!! xoxo


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