mary slone | january 4 - january 10, 2015 {and then we snapped}

january 4 - january 10, 2015 {and then we snapped}

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Well,  let me just apologize now for the assault your eyes are about to experience. While I did have a few shots I felt were kind of cute, this week definitely also saw some stinkers. So, my apologies about that. But I guess I can't really expect 365 winners, right? 

"Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop." 
-Ansel Adams

139/365 no-pants dance. #pottytraining

 140/365 nice little morning

141/365 the one with your "'puter"

142/365 Ellie, breakfast companion

143/365 preemptive, ice-cream-sundae, birthday blowout aftermath

144/365 breakfast

145/365 just you.

Thanks for looking (and boy, do I mean that this week. Blech.)! Be sure to follow this link to see the beautiful work of my dear friend Cindy. 


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