mary slone | sept. 14- sept. 20 {and then we snapped}

sept. 14- sept. 20 {and then we snapped}

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Wow! Tuesday again. It just blows my mind how quickly these weeks have been screaming by. We are going to be decorating for Christmas before we know it, huh?

This week brings some different shots from me. I have spent the last week and a half or so working on a "textures" project for one of the photography groups I belong to. I love taking on projects like this that require me to step out of my "look how cute my kids are" comfort zone. It always pushes me to really SEE the world around me -- to look at life with a much more artistic eye than usual. Sometimes, for me,  it's easy to slip and settle into a comfort zone of almost just letting the moments happen. I love to capture my kids' everyday lives, and I rarely direct them in any way for my images. Occasionally I will ask someone to turn more towards the light, but that's really about it. I capture what I see happening. Well,  I was thinking about this today. I used to think that lifestyle work would be harder than getting the planned, posed images. After all, having people standing still, following your instructions and dressed to the nines would make getting a good shot much easier than chasing energetic, muddy toddlers around as they explore the park, right?

Ehhhh, I'm not so sure anymore... In my humble opinion, and speaking only for myself, the lifestyle shots can be easier, since the moments are basically handed to me. I just have to make sure I don't miss them. But to actually envision a shot - from start to finish, set-up to tear-down - that seems so much harder to me! It requires so much more creativity and artistic vision (at least for me). I shake in my flip-flops at the thought of having to conceptualize and coordinate a stylized shoot (although lately I'm thinking that's something I'd LOVE to try sometime!).

 I suppose it's different for all photogs -- some high-level fashion photographers that are used to having professional models to work with all the time may find lifestyle work more difficult. I guess it's all relative, really. But, I digress. My point is that I felt really pushed to explore my artistic side this week for this "textures" project. My partner in this project even convinced me to try a little freelensing! (Sidenote: I've decided I'm much too paranoid an individual to freelens anymore. And, I'm terrible at it...probably because I was just barely below stark panic the entire time I was shooting, for fear of getting dust on my sensor or dropping my lens...) At any rate, this textures project has been a really good experience for me -- a refreshing, much-needed, breath of fresh air for my creativity.

Plus, I've always loved a good challenge. ;-)

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sunday, 9.14.2014 | 48/365 ...the one with the kitchen chair fort...

monday, 9.15.2014 | 49/365 ...the one with the homemade hair-bow texture...

tuesday, 9.16.2014 | 50/365 ...the one with the rose bud texture...

wednesday, 9.17.2014 | 51/365 ...the aloe plant + baby skin juxtaposition

thursday, 9.18.2014 | 52/365 ...the one with the lamp shade texture...

friday, 9.19.2014 | 53/365 ...the one with the fireplace texture

saturday, 9.20.2014 | 54/365...the one where you fell asleep holding hands...

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Be sure to continue the circle on around to see the beautiful work of Julie Moses of Jujujems Photography, Palm Desert Lifestyle Photographer

Until next week... xo.


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