mary slone | aug. 31 - sept. 6, 2014 | and then we snapped

aug. 31 - sept. 6, 2014 | and then we snapped

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so here we are,  40 days into this project. i can tell you, with some certainty, that i have stressed every single week about not having enough images of my older two kids. it seems like every week, as i sit putting together my 365 blog post, i'm shocked to discover how few images contain Ava and Caleb. so i've been experiencing some pretty hefty mom-guilt, up to this point, regarding their absence in this project.

they spend 8 hours a day at school. when they get home, they stuff some food into their mouths, hurry through their 45 minutes of homework, and then dash out the door to go find their neighborhood friends (here in Mississippi, September means slightly more bearable temperatures for playing outside). they come home in time for dinner, baths, room-cleaning, and chill time with their step-dad and me. and that's it. pretty much every single day. i can only take so many homework pictures. and when they ARE here, they don't want to let me photograph them anyways. it has become a battle of wills. and that just isn't the point.

the point of this whole project is to capture our everyday life. and right now, in this particular season, this is our everyday life. and that's ok. they are smart, happy, well-adjusted, ridiculously LOVED children. and they don't need to be in every one of my photos for me to rest easy in that knowledge.

so, with that, i promise i love my older two kids.

but this week is a lot of Littlest, who isn't yet able to ditch me...

{after you've taken a peek at my week,  be sure to continue the circle on around! i'm so excited to introduce the next talented lady in our circle, Erin of Erin Konrath Photography. Be sure to go check out her week!}

sunday, 8.31.2014 | 34/365 the one where you ate all the chocolate off your donuts, and left the rest


monday, 9.1.2014 | 35/365 the one with everyone's favorite bunny


tuesday, 9.2.2014 | 36/365 the one where we waited...and waited...and waited...


wednesday, 9.3.2014 | 37/365  the one where you were in a pop-tart coma


thursday, 9.4.2014 | 38/365 the one with your favorite "treasure," an old satin pillowcase


friday, 9.5.2014 | 39/365 the one where you actually looked at my camera


saturday, 9.6.2014 | 40/365 the one with "fruit face"


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now please go see what Erin of Erin Konrath Photography's week looked like! you won't regret it! xoxo


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