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30 Minutes in the Life {May}

May 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I'm so honored to have been asked to participate with the gals over at 30 Minutes in the Life regularly! I had such high hopes of what my "debut" 30 minutes would look like.

And then our family got sick. I mean our ENTIRE family. It has been a truly rotten couple of weeks. The baby had double ear infections, bronchitis, and walking pneumonia. My oldest daughter caught a stomach bug. I'm battling two different infections, as well as some lingering issues stemming from my celiac disease. Just, blech.

I don't have a full 30 minutes' worth of images this month, and I'm sorry. But I do absolutely adore the ones I have. The baby learned how to climb the steps and go down the slide all by herself this month. Proud mama moment. Thank you for being here to share it with me. 




"Today you figured out how to climb the ladder to the slide all by yourself. You carefully put one foot above the other, one step at a time, till you reached the top. You swung your legs around, and your diaper crinkled as your little bottom landed on the top of the slide. You took a deep breath, pushed off, and let go -- you never once looked back.

And I was sad. For just a moment, mind you, because as soon as your feet reached the grass, you turned to me, clapping and cheering for your accomplishment. I cheered with you - lots of snuggles and giggles. But for that brief moment, as you slid through the warm sunshine, all I could think was how I'd lifted you to the top for the last time. You're growing so fast, baby girl. We are all so thankful for you. You light up our lives."


Please be sure to follow the circle on around to see the gorgeous 30 minutes of  Stacey Markel Photography - Maryland Family & Child photographer!


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