mary slone | october 19 - november 1 {and then we snapped}

october 19 - november 1 {and then we snapped}

November 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Hello! Long time, no see... I know. I missed last week's blog circle...but I promise, I was still shooting! So this week, I play catch up. Y'all get a two-fer. ;-)

sunday, 10/19/2014 | 83/365 the one with your thinking face

monday, 10/20/2014 | 84/365 the one with the spider: up close + personal

tuesday, 10/21/2014 | 85/365 the one with the apple

wednesday, 10/22/2014 | 86/365 the one where you blocked my shot (#photographerschildsyndrome)

thursday, 10/23/2014 | 87/365 the one with my cozy office lights

friday, 10/24/2014 | 88/365 the one with your waffle

saturday, 10/25/2014 | 89/365 the one with the last of the october roses outside my window

sunday, 10/26/2014 | 90/365 the one that's just so "you"

monday, 10/27/2014| 91/365 the one with the mischief

tuesday, 10/28/2014 | 92/365 the one with your new jackets from Papa

wednesday, 10/29/2014 | 93/365 the one where you insisted on wrapping your best friend's birthday presents all by yourself

thursday, 10/30/2014 | 94/365 the one where we cleaned out your toybox

friday, 10/31/2014 | 95/365 the one with my caped crusaders (happy halloween!)

saturday, 11/1/2014 | 96/365 the one with the first Christmas mug of the season

Whew! So there they are. Our last two weeks, in images. As always, thank you for looking.
Up next in our circle is my sweet, wonderfully talented friend, Julie, of Jujujems Art & Photo Studio. She's fantastic!... so be sure to continue through the circle to see what her week looked like!! xo


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